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Happy Bad Bunny loteria fun dress socks [mexican theme]


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Funny unique patterns make wearing socks fun

Can you imagine wearing the perfect pair of socks to make any dreary morning feel like you can do anything.

You get up in the morning and find the perfect outfit everything is great until you can't find socks to match your outfit.  

No fear I'm here to help you let your personality shine, brighten your mood and help your outfit stand out.

You walk into a room everyone is staring because your expressing your personality and attitude with the vibrant colors and crazy imagination of the perfect fun socks.

The Bad Bunny sock is the  Perfect pair of fun socks. 
These fashionable statement socks also make the perfect gifts

No one should be without an amazing pair of socks

95% polyester 5% spandex no shrinkage 

custom design and made in house by me

How to Love your socks

Machine washable in cold water

don't iron your socks people

no smoking and pet free home