Lets Talk Socks

I've been doing a little research on the benefits of wearing socks. There's a lot that I didn't realize about them. I mean I love socks for anytime of weather. I wear my no show for summer, my ankle for Capri sweats or with jeans. Come winter or any cool day I wear my sports socks especially with my boots. Sometime I wear dress socks with my insulated boots. So here's what I found out so far.
   Socks provide your feet with protection, moisture control, temperature regulation, and comfort. Socks provide protection by adding a layer between the shoe and your foot, easing friction and preventing blisters.
 They provide extra cushioning to the feet

Our shoe insoles do get worn out and this makes the shoes hard and uncomfortable at times. This hard surface can be bad for your health and should be avoided at all cost. While at it, although replacing the insoles will be a great idea, wearing quality socks will also provide an extra and much needed padding to the feet thus protecting from injuries and friction to the feet.

Additionally, always make sure that your socks are clean and dry before wearing them so as to prevent against bacterial growth and bad odor

They help keep your feet soft
Wearing socks will help keep your feet smooth as they protect you from elements such as dust. Normally, many people who do not wear socks experience the hardening of the feet which results in eventual cracking. However, wearing socks will help prevent against this thus keeping the feet healthy and pretty.


Until next time. I'll keep researching why we should wear socks

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