Benefits of socks

Lets Start with Menopause

If you're experiencing menopausal hot flashes or night sweats, it might surprise you to learn that wearing socks to bed might help cool you down. Before a hot flash, your core body temperature increases -- but as we know, keeping your feet warm at night helps lower your temperature, which may counteract some of the menopausal heat loss. You can definitely look this up. There are many studies to back this one up

So Ladies if your like me I suffer from Night sweats. I definitely wear socks to bed but I first put lotion on to keep my feet soft. Of course in the middle of the night they do come off.  

You need to make sure the socks aren't too tight, they need to be loosely fitted to be comfortable. I wear my no show socks. They are light, comfortable and not heavy and tight.  Of course I wear clean socks every night or just wash them everyday. Lets have a day of the week socks just like our underwear

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